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Do you remember your way to school? Do you remember who and what you were accompanied by, what you felt astonished about and what kind of dangers the way held? And how is the way to school actually in other countries? At the Museum Island Hombroich an exhibition pursues this topic at the twelve room house under the heading gehFÄHRTEN. Extensive installations create an interactive world of experience with a focus on detail of everyday life. By means of a colorful guide system, five children take the visitors by their hands in a symbolic way and guide them through the different themed rooms. The exhibition is a tribute to the equality of all people and their sentiments. Across all countries, continents and ages.

Find out what a truck and an elephant have in common, why a chicken has to travel 17 kilometers in a plastic bag in the Moroccan mountains and how cane in Peru tastes. 

Winterterm 2017/18

Prof. Thilo Albers

Burg Giebichenstein/Kunsthochschule Halle

Team: Melina Hau

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