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The variety is great, only those who stand out win. A classic supermarket has around 10,000 different products. On average, each product has about 3 seconds to attract the customer's attention. At this point, the packaging is crucial. Its design makes it the most important advertising and information medium. Everything that happens subconsciously the manufacturer doesn't like to leave to chance. So it is the job of a designer to achieve maximum effect through the composition of the packaging. In addition to legal requirements, he/she has typographic, visual, color and material resources at his/her disposal. IN HÜLLE UND FÜLLE gives a historical overview of packaging design and furthermore deals with the relevant parameters. As a kind of guide for those who are new to packaging design, the book focuses on the area of ​​Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) in Germany.

Winterterm 2019/20

Prof. Dr. Volker Friedrich

HTWG Konstanz

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