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The e-journal "Sprache für die Form" provides an opportunity for designers and rhetoricians to share and contribute to a better understanding of design. After all, design is not just visual, but an important part of the design process is both language and communication. In the following, the theologian and political scientist Thomas Schlag and the art director Udo Schrenk comment on the transformation of a society and its consequences for design.

Summerterm 2019

Prof. Dr. Volker Friedrich

HTWG Konstanz

Team: Lena Schell, Annemarie Krätz, Tanja Hornung

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»Der Papst, der seinen eigenen 

Twitter-Account hat«


Prof. Dr. Thomas Schlag is a protestant theologian and political scientist. Born in Stuttgart, he finally completed his studies in Tübingen and Munich. His most recent field of research is dedicated to the topic of "Digital Religion (s)" and their forms of communication and interaction in the digital society.

Prof. Dr. Schlag speaks in an interview about the need for an ascetic, lean and elemental design that "slows down" and "holds still" to counteract the tide of today's media. Design as a kind of mediation medium, which in the future has to be made more participative and makes its target group co-creators.



Udo Schrenk studied visual communication with Germany's first art director, Willy Fleckhaus in Essen. He worked as a positive retoucher and later as a freelance art director for the Mercedes-Benz Magazine or the Lufthansa logbook. In the course of through digital technology triggered change in graphic design, he knows the benefits of the analog and digital design process.

In the interview, Udo Schrenk talks about how he experienced the transformation of digitization as a designer.

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