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The volume of packaging in Germany is enormous. Nowadays, food is packaged more heavily than ever. Consumption is a matter of course in our throw-away society, but very few people are aware of the consequences of this trend for our environment and resources. Packaging is practical and in most cases is accepted without being questioned. In addition, the industry does not make it easy for consumers to assess the ingredients, manufacture and recycling of the packaging after use. There is a lack of transparency. In order to be able to avoid “bad” packaging more easily in the future and thus be able to use our resources more carefully, it is essential to inform the population about this topic and to encourage them to rethink.

The result is the initiative: "Vermeide Verpackungen. Schone unsere Ressourcen. (“Avoid packaging. Save our resources.”) From now on, mandatory warning symbols on all food packaging create more transparency for the consumer. Furthermore a cross-media campaign generates the necessary public attention. In this way, “bad packaging” can be actively avoided in the future and the mountains of rubbish can be declared to fight together.

Summerterm 2020

Prof. Dr. Volker Friedrich, Prof. Brian Switzer

HTWG Konstanz

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