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Flexible and modular cooking in the elevator of the future, at the push of a button and at every time of the day. 

VERTIKAL creates an elevator kitchen for the public sector, such as offices, universities, and hotels, or also for private use in multistory buildings. The focus of the project is on rollable trolleys that can be combined in many ways and are adjustable to all types of elevators. In this way, all kinds of gastronomic businesses can use the elevator to serve freshly prepared food directly out of the elevator.

Beside the rearrangement of the elevator’s interior, its proper functioning at the end of year exhibition 2017 was important. As soon as the elevator doors opened, the respective floor changed into a bar or a take-away restaurant. The warm atmosphere with music and pleasant smells attracted a lot of people.

Summerterm 2017

Teamwork with Leonie Schima and Jakob Müller
Prof. Klaus Michel & Guido Englich

Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle

Bar trolly with drinks.
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